Cloud Services

Data Services

We make your data-handling simpler, faster, cheaper and more robust.

Software as a Service

We build bespoke services using the AWS Cloud to help you handle your data.

B.Y.O. Algo

Bring your own algo or let us design one for you.

Serverless Computing

We specialise in Serverless approaches. Serverless means never having to worry about managing servers: a template fires up an instance, runs a calc, and shuts down. Rinse and repeat.





Serverless is pay-as-you-go and in some ways takes us Back to the Future – when users paid for mainframe minutes in the 60s and 70s.

A really simple example.

Outsource back office functions - pricing, workflows, case handling etc.

We create the drop-in directory (a bit like Dropbox).

Trigger sensitivity can be tailored to your specification - run every hour, at the end of the day, or in batches.

You give us your Excel spreadsheets and we do the rest. And don't worry - we're fast. It helps if you've done this thousands of times.

Why bother? Maintain flexibility, make life less stressful.

Have you ever managed a small team using a number of different spreadsheets? Maybe the results of the first sheet feed into the second, and various reports key off a third.

You've chosen Excel because you want to keep the data close, change your calcs occasionally, and don't want the rigidity that comes with commissioning IT internally.

The negative? Explaining your team's results to seniors when they appear awry can be arduous. Not to mention stressful.

What do we solve for?

Versioning is your first problem. It's hard to strictly adhere to good naming conventions.

Throughput. Event triggers let you instantly step from one function to the next.

Auditing. Trying to decipher someone else's Excel takes time and skill.

Consistency. Fat fingers are a real business risk - it's hard to spot cell overwrites.

Certainty. The assumption set grows with complexity and it takes effort to ensure the assumption profile accurately reflects the question being asked.

A more sophisticated approach: serverless with APIs.

Create a low-latency software service for clients.

What are APIs?

If you're not familiar with them, APIs are simply software intermediaries. In our case the API lets a data-supplier connect to a calculation machine.

OpenAPI. We write using the OpenAPI Specification. This makes writing APIs nearly close to writing in plain, old-fashioned English. That keeps our APIs free from error, legible to anyone, and makes them ultra-portable.

REST. We use a RESTful approach, and this means that data is supplied in the form of a URL request. Our API intermediary interprets that request and passes it on to the correct processing engines.

How do you use your API?

Now you have an IP Address behind which your calculations run.

It's up to you what you do with it -

  • That IP can process 100s of requests per second, but you can throttle if you wish.
  • You can control access in a myriad of ways (e.g. API keys, IP addresses).
  • Add a fancy domain name.
  • Ensure it has low-latency globally.
  • You name it - we can control for it.

    Serverless Computing

    We code in a variety of languages (Python, NodeJS, Javascript, PHP, SQL etc.) and use dozens of AWS tools (Load Balancers, Subnets, Network Interfaces, NAT Gateways, ACLs, VPCs, Servers, DB Clusters, Redis Caches, Queues, IAMs tools, API Key managers, Sagemaker etc.).

    You don’t really care. All you care about is making sure we deliver to you the very best data services.

    Software as a Service

    Drop us a line if you need data science delivered with top-notch software engineering.